Bleaching Dey Scata Bladder, Kidney And E Fit Kill
Bleaching Dey Scata Bladder, Kidney And E Fit Kill

Bleaching Dey Scata Bladder, Kidney And E Fit Kill


Bleaching cream manufacturers plus di pipo wey dey sell dem no dey eva tell dia customers how dangerous di chemicals inside di cream dey.
Use of bleaching cream common for Africa, sake of say many believe say na ogbonge fashion. For 2011, WHO say 77 percent of Nigeria women dey bleach dia skin.
Dangerous chemicals like Hydroquinone, Mercury and Corticosteroids na im cosmetic companies dey put for cream to bleach pipo skin.
Dr Chidimma Gab-Okafor, wey be skin sabi pesin say, mercury dey from skin enta bodi and “wen e enta bodi dey scata bladder, liver” e dey spoil plenti tins inside bodi plus cause skin rashes.
Mercury inside cream dey kill and most times pesin wey dey sick sake of bleaching go tink say na typhoid fever, cerebral malaria or tetanus dey worry am, na so WHO tok.
Sabi pipo say, before woman use hydroquinone, doctor suppose tell am how long e go use am.
But Dr Chidimma, say “pipo wey dey do bleaching cream dey put pass wetin dem suppose, if woman use am she go fair well well.”
Afta dem stop to dey import Hydroquinone, dem change di name. Now she say, you go see 1-4diol, mequinol, tequinol, hydrochinonium, hydroquinol.
Wheda na bleach you dey bleach o, lightening, whitening abi na tone you dey tone, Dr Chidimma say, all na di same tin.
Wetin dey happun be say, wen you tone, whiten or bleach, dis chemicals go reduce di quantity of melanin – dis na natural chemical for our bodi wey dey give our skin colour and dey helep protect am from sun.
According to WHO, bleaching industry for world don turn billion dollar business and even though many goments for sub-Sahara Africa don ban am, pipo still dey sell am illegally.
Many wey dey bleach dia skin no sabi say dia skin fit damage completely and even sef, dem fit die from di dangerous chemicals wey dey inside dia cream.


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  • Date : December 10, 2018