Didier Drogba Retirement: ‘My Mama Begin Cry, Mourinho Change My Life’
Didier Drogba Retirement: ‘My Mama Begin Cry, Mourinho Change My Life’

Didier Drogba Retirement: ‘My Mama Begin Cry, Mourinho Change My Life’

Chelsea and Ivory Coast legend Didier Drogba announce retirement from football afta “amazing 20 years”.

For interview, im tell BBC wetin make im mama cry well well and Mourinho change im life.
Di 40-year-old Ivory Coast striker, play two times for Chelsea, score 164 goals, win four Premier Leagues and di 2012
Im spend di last 18 months of im career with US-based team Phoenix Rising, club wey im na di co-owner.
“After 20 years, I don decide end my playing career,” im tell World Service Sportshour.

Image captionDidier Drogba win four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups and di Champions League wit Chelsea

‘My mama cry well well’ – growing up and leaving Ivory Coast
Drogba bin grow up for Ivory Coast capital Abidjan and come later go France at di age of six to live with im uncle.
“Tito mean ‘my friend’. Na wetin my mama dey call me. She born me when she dey young. Till today she still dey call me dat because tins no go ever change.
“I remember say as pikin I dey always dey with my mama and papa. My mama born me when she be 16 and my papa dey work for bank.
“I happi well well to comot Ivory Coast to go France until I got reach airport. My mama begin cry, I see sadness for her face. Na den I come reason say dis six-year-old pikin go leave im mama and papa to go place wey im no sabi. As pikin wey I be, me sef come sad, everything change.”

‘E change my life’ – finding Jose

For 2004, Chelsea oga Jose Mourinho sign Drogba for £24m.
“E changed my life, e change di story my family. [Mourinho] tell me say if you be di best you need to come play with one of di best team in di world and … di best manager in di world. Everyone bin say £24m na plenti money. People doubt. When I comot I tink di way everyone react, I tink I cover di investment.

Image captionDidier Drogba scored in the first three of the Rising’s play-off games, as they won the USL Western Conference Championship, but failed to score in the final as they lost 1-0

Drogba accolades

Drogba win three Premier League titles for im first eight years for Chelsea, and four FA Cups and two League Cups.
E also win di Premier League Golden Boot for 2006-07 and 2009-10.
E comot Chelsea on a high, as na im score di final penalty shootout against Bayern Munich to carri Champions League trophy.
E later join Chelsea again, to come score seven goals for 2014-15, as im win fourth Premier League title and third League Cup.
E score 65 times for di 105 times im play for im home kontri Ivory Coast, and e play for three World Cups.
E win African Footballer of di Year two times.


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  • Date : December 6, 2018